Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

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Commercial Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)

Issue of Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC)

An aircraft registered in Bermuda must not conduct on any flight for the purpose of commercial air transport except under and in accordance with the terms of an air operator’s certificate granted to the operator of the aircraft. An AOC certifies that the holder is competent to safely operate that aircraft in accordance with the prescribed regulations and standards.

The BCAA can only grant an air operator’s certificate to an operator, having its principal place of business in Bermuda, upon being satisfied that the applicant is competent to secure the safe operation of aircraft of the types specified in the certificate on flights of the description and for the purposes specified, having regard in particular to the applicant’s:

  • previous conduct and experience;
  • equipment;
  • organisation and staffing; and
  • maintenance and other arrangements.

The operator must establish and maintain to the satisfaction of the BCAA a safety management system appropriate to the size and complexity of the operation.

For clarification the “principal place of business” means the primary location from which flight operations and maintenance management and control are exercised; where the majority of the operational and safety-related records are kept and at which accountable managers are based.

A person must not hold himself or herself, or any other person, out as being a person who may offer flights on an aircraft registered in Bermuda for the purpose of commercial air transport unless the person, or that other person (as the case may be), holds a valid air operator’s certificate granted under the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, for the time being in force.

Completion of Preliminary Information Related to an Application Form for the Grant, Renewal or Variation of an Air Operator’s Certificate

These notes are intended to give applicants for the issue, renewal or variation of an Air Operator's Certificate guidance on how to complete the preliminary information Form 9000. 

The notes are designed to cater for companies of all sizes. Some of the detailed information called for may be inappropriate to the smaller companies and the notes should be interpreted accordingly. 

The Department will require evidence of suitable insurance cover in respect of aeroplanes, passengers, carried goods and third party claims, before any aircraft certificate is issued or renewed. 

Form 9000 should be completed and submitted together with the appropriate fee to: 

Director of Operations
Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority
P.O. Box GE 218
St. George's GE BX

This address should also be used for the submission of any other documentation relating to an AOC application.

Section 1A

This section is to be completed by all applicants and will record basic information which includes the name and mailing address of the company, the address of the main base of operation, the proposed start of operation date. If a business name is used, it should be given in this section of the application form. Give the place and number of company registration. All “trading names” used should be specified. Any “trading name” adopted subsequent to the completion of the application form or the issue of the AOC should be notified to BCAA at the address above.

Finally, details concerning management and key personal staff are essential if contact is required. An Operator must have a management organization capable of exercising operational control and supervision over any flight operated under the terms of the AOC.

  1. The information provided under this heading should give a clear picture of the chain of responsibility, appropriate to the size of the company, for all major aspects of management and of the arrangements for suitable qualified deputies to assume the functions of senior executives temporarily absent from duty. In particular, the person or persons responsible for the following duties should be named:
  1. The issue and amendment of operations and training manuals, and other instructions to members of operating crews.
  2. Management of the operations department.
  3. Management of the Quality System.
  4. Controlling the rostering of crew for flying duty.
  5. DCA Form 9000A (12/08) Page 1 of 3
  6. General supervision of flight operations.
  7. Accepting operational commitments – i.e.; deciding whether or not a particular charter or flight can be undertaken.
  8. Ensuring that crew training and periodical tests are carried out as necessary.
  9. The discipline and general supervision of flying staff.
  10. Coordinating any necessary action arising from Commander’s voyage and incident reports.
  11. Making arrangements for the services of handling agents.
  12. Liaising with maintenance organizations, including contractors, on airworthiness matters and the continuing satisfactory implementation of the declared maintenance support arrangements. 
Section 1B

To be completed by the Air Operator and/or Approved Maintenance Organisation. Information provided under this heading will show what type of maintenance program will be performed. The proposed type of operation shall be specified if the information is required by the type of maintenance program. 

State the Approved Maintenance Organisation and how the maintenance is carried out in Block 8 of this section if appropriate.

Section 1C

The Air Operator shall provide details of all aircraft associated with the company. If an aircraft is foreign registered, provide a copy of the lease agreement which can be attached to the form. Details such as type by make, model, series, number of passenger seats or cargo payload capacity and any other pertinent information about the aircraft. 

Block 10 shall show the proposed route structure and areas which intended operations will be conducted (eg. Middle East, Americas, Africa, etc.)

Section 1D

The applicant shall provide a proposed business plan outlining how the company will be structured and carried out. This information shall provide a better understanding of the proposed operation of the business and how it plans to be profitable. State details concerning proposed training in aircraft and/or simulator. 

Note: A Form 9000 (Application for AOC) will be provided on receipt of the information for completion by the nominees for Accountable Manager and Postholders for Operations Manager, Chief Pilot and Training Manager.