Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

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Visiting Aircraft / Foreign Operator Permit(s)

Required Notice for Foreign Operator Permit(s)

The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) is not staffed outside of normal office hours (08:45-17:00 ADT) Monday to Friday and is therefore unable to process Visiting Aircraft Permits outside of those times. Therefore, it is imperative that requests are made in sufficient time (minimum 48 hours) to facilitate the issue of the required permission. For emergency medical flights on weekends or public holidays applications will be accepted in retrospect. 

Restriction with respect to carriage for valuable consideration in aircraft registered outside the Territory

An aircraft registered in an ICAO Contracting State, other than the United Kingdom or any of the U.K. Overseas Territories, or in any country other than the United Kingdom, must not take on board or discharge any passengers or cargo in Bermuda, if valuable consideration is given or promised in respect of the carriage of such persons or cargo unless it does so with the permission of the Governor of Bermuda granted under Article 135 of the AN(OT)O 2013, as amended, to the operator or charterer of the aircraft or to the Government of the country in which the aircraft is registered, and in accordance with any conditions to which such permission may be subject.

Any breach, by a person to whom permission has been granted under this article, of any condition to which that permission was subject constitutes a contravention of the above regulation.

An operator or charterer of an aircraft to which Article 135 applies must not hold itself out as a person who may offer to take on board or discharge any passenger or cargo in the Territory for valuable consideration unless:

  • it does so in accordance with a permission granted under Article 135; and
  • It does so in accordance with any conditions to which such permission may be subject.

The Governor may authorise a person (whether by name, class or description) either generally or in relation to a particular case or class of cases, to perform a ramp inspection or to carry out other surveillance measures in relation to any aircraft referred to above.

If a ramp inspection or other surveillance measure identifies a case of non-compliance or suspected non-compliance of an aircraft or by the operator of such an aircraft with the laws, regulations and procedures applicable within the Territory or a serious safety issue with the operator of such an aircraft, the person authorised must immediately notify the operator and, if the issue warrants it, the State of the operator and, where the State of registry and the State of the operator are different, such notification must also be made to the State of registry.

In the case of notification to States in accordance with paragraph (6), if the issue and its resolution so warrant, the Governor must engage in consultations with the State of the operator and the State of registry, as applicable, concerning the safety standards maintained by the operator. 

See Article 135 for more information. 

Aircraft Insurance Requirements – Minimum Combined Single Limit Coverage

It is a requirement that all aircraft visiting Bermuda (TXKF) are adequately insured. The BCAA have adopted the criteria applicable in Europe and promulgated in EC Regulation 785/2004. The minimum insurance cover detailed below is in U.S. Dollars, based on a conversion rate of 1 Special Drawing Right (SDR) to 1.36 USD. The level of cover is applicable to both Commercial Air Transport and General Aviation/Private flights (FAA Part 91 and 125). The required level of cover is based on Maximum Take-off Mass in kilograms (MTOM) as defined in the aircraft certification process.

MTOM Range Required
Insurance Cover 
(millions of dollars)
Example Aircraft Types
< 5,700kgs $10.0 Cessna 525
Between 5,701kgs
and 12,000kgs
$25.0 Gulfstream 100
Hawker 1000
Learjet 40/60
Between 12,001kgs
and 20,000kgs

Challenger 300
Embraer 120
Falcon 50 & 2000
Gulfstream 200
Hawker 850/4000

Between 20,001kgs
and 30,000kgs
$115.0 Antonov 24
Challenger 600/601/604/605
CRJ 100/200
Embraer 135/145
Falcon 900
Between 30,001kgs
and 50,000kgs
$205.0 BD 700 (GLEX)
Embraer 170/175
Falcon 7X, 
Gulfstream 350/4/450/5/550
Between 50,001kgs
and 100,000kgs
$410.0 Airbus 318/319/320/321
Antonov 12
Boeing 727F
Boeing 737- 200 to 900
Embraer 190/195
Between 100,001kgs
and 200,000kgs
$460.0 Boeing 757 -200/300
Boeing 767-200/300
Between 200,001kgs
and 500,000kgs
$680.0 Airbus 330
Airbus 340-500/600
Airbus 350-800/900/1000
Boeing 747-200/300/400/400F
Boeing 747SP
Boeing 777- 200/300
Above 500,000kgs $955.0 Airbus 380


If the aircraft that you wish to bring to Bermuda is not listed above, please calculate the minimum required insurance cover from the Aircraft Flight Manual certified MTOM, or contact the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority for guidance.