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Safety Management System – FAR Part 91 Operators

This Operations Notice is to advise that it is a requirement of ICAO Annex 19 that operators of large (12,500 lbs or 5,700 kg and over) or turbojet aeroplanes have a Safety Management System (SMS) for international flights.


Visiting US and Canada registered aircraft FDR Requirements

Required aircraft equipment (Flight Data Recorders) for visiting aircraft to Bermuda (TXKF) which are registered in Canada and the United States

Commercial Air Transport (AOC holders, Air Carrier and other operators – Parts 121 and 135)

The Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority requires all aircraft requiring flight permission under Article 135 of the AN(OT)O 2013, as amended, to comply with the ICAO standards in Annex 6 with respect to the need to be equipped with a Flight Data Recorder (FDR), unless the State of registration has filed a difference to the Standard to Annex 6 with ICAO.