Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

State Safety Program

Annex 19 to the Chicago Convention (applicable November 2013) sets the standards for a State Safety Programme (SSP), placing the responsibility on all contracting States to implement such a programme. BCAA has developed a State1 Safety Programme (SSP) Manual which describes Bermuda's SSP for the implementation of Annex 19 SARPs. It can be viewed here.

Bermuda has also developed a Safety Plan to identify the activities that will be undertaken in 2015/16 to continued strengthening of Bermuda's safety oversight system, and to ongoing improvements in the systematic and proactive management of safety. This report consists of a summary of the Department's accomplishments in 2014-15, a presentation of the selected safety objectives for 2015-16 and the identification of objectives that are being considered for future years.

1 Note: Bermuda, as an Overseas Territory of the United Kingdom, is not an ICAO Contracting State in its own right. The use of the term "State" reflects that Bermuda is exercising state functions on behalf of the United Kingdom.