Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

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Export Certificate of Airworthiness

An Export Certificate of Airworthiness may be required by an importing state Civil Aviation Authority in order to provide confirmation that the current state of registry has conducted a recent satisfactory review of the airworthiness status of the aircraft and, apart from any agreed deviations, found the aircraft to be in compliance with the applicable Type Certificate. The Export Certificate of Airworthiness is not a flight authority and does not authorise the aircraft for flight.

There is no validity period for an Export Certificate of Airworthiness. It is up to the importing state Civil Aviation Authority to determine the period for which it will accept it as valid.

Applicable Requirements
Applying for an Export Certificate of Airworthiness

To apply for an Export Certificate of Airworthiness the Bermuda approved Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) should submit a recommendation (Form AW-201(E)) to the Principle Airworthiness Inspector or to

The owner/operator wishing to obtain an Export Certificate of Airworthiness must request an invoice by sending an invoice request directly to the BCAA finance department. Visit the Fee Payment page for more information and to find the related forms.

Aircraft Inspection

The aircraft must be made available for inspection by a Bermuda airworthiness inspector. The CAMO or Technical Coordinator must present the aircraft with all relevant records to the BCAA airworthiness inspector.

The aircraft must be in the following condition:

  • If the weather conditions or lighting prevents the aircraft inspection, in a suitable hangar
  • Power available on the aircraft
  • Flaps in the down position
  • Any cargo bays open
  • Any equipment bays open
  • Any APU bays open
  • Engine cowls open
  • Adequate access equipment (steps and platforms) available
  • Adequate lighting available