Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

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De-registering an Aircraft

Prior to de-registering an aircraft, the BCAA requires the following:

  • A certified resolution from the company signed by a Director agreeing to the sale of the aircraft and requesting that the aircraft be removed from the Bermuda Aircraft Registry.
  • If there is a mortgage registered against the aircraft, the aircraft cannot be removed from the Bermuda Aircraft Registry until written authorisation or proof that the mortgage has been discharged and has been received from the relevant parties. If a request is received to de-register the aircraft but leave an existing undischarged mortgage in place, all relevant parties must provide signed documentation agreeing to this.
  • If an Export Certificate of Airworthiness is required, inform the Principal Airworthiness Inspector so that an aircraft inspection can be scheduled and arrangements can be made for the payment of relevant fees. To apply for an Export Certificate of Airworthiness the Bermuda approved Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) must submit a recommendation (Form AW-201(E)) to the principal airworthiness inspector. The owner/operator must also request an invoice by sending an invoice request directly to the Finance Department (see Fee Payment page). If no Export Certificate of Airworthiness is required, there is no charge for the de-registration process.
  • BCAA Finance Department will confirm that there are no outstanding fees to be paid. The aircraft cannot be de-registered until all fees are paid.
  • Once final written confirmation has been received from the company, will send a letter of de-registration to the Civil Aviation Authority of the State where the aircraft will be registered.