Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

Aviation Exemptions and Deviations

BCAA may grant an Exemption against specific provisions of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order or Deviations against specific provisions of an OTAR. An applicant for an Exemption/Deviation should provide an appropriate risk assessment relevant to the situation for which the Exemption/Deviation is sought and a description of the manner in which the risks will be mitigated in accordance with its safety management system, where applicable. Find out more about the Exemptions/Deviations issued by BCAA.


Deviation Letter OTAR 21 - Reissue of Certificate of Airworthiness within 90 days
Deviation Letter OTAR 67

General Exemption AN(OT)O Article 44  - Flight training for inclusion of a new Type Rating on a Pilot Licence

Exemption AN(OT)O Article 16 - Qualifications for Registration (Switzerland)