Requirements & Policy


The BCAA may grant an exemption against specific provisions of the AN(OT)O or deviations against specific provisions of an OTAR. An applicant for an exemption/deviation should provide an appropriate risk assessment relevant to the situation for which the exemption/deviation is sought and a description of the manner in which the risks will be mitigated in accordance with its safety management system, where applicable. The following exemptions/deviations have been issued by the BCAA.


Deviation Letter OTAR Part 125.700 (d) - Medical and emergency equipment

Direction under Article 68 of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2013

General Exemption AN(OT)O Article 73 (5) - Regulation of Small Unmanned Aircraft 

Deviation Letter OTAR 21 – Reissue of Certificate of Airworthiness within 90 days

Deviation Letter OTAR 67  

General Exemption AN(OT)O Article 44 -- Flight training for inclusion of a new type rating on a pilot licence

Exemption From AN(OT)O Article 16 - Hong Kong, China

Exemption From AN(OT)O Article 16 - Switzerland

Exemption From AN(OT)O Article 16 - USA