Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

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Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation Approvals

All owners/operators of Bermuda registered aircraft above 2,700 kg Maximum Takeoff Mass must have arrangements for continued airworthiness management, either by holding an approval to the requirements of OTAR Part 39, or by contracting an organisation that holds such an approval.

OTAR Part 39 has three approval options:

Subpart E Option 1: Acceptance of an approval granted by EASA under Part M Subpart G.

Subpart E Option 2: Direct approval by the BCAA of an organisation that does not hold an approval granted by EASA under Part M Subpart G.

OTAR 39 Subpart F: Organisations responsible for airworthiness management of Bermuda registered aircraft operating under an ICAO Article 83bis agreement with another state must be authorised in accordance with OTAR 39 Subpart F. 

Applicable Requirements
Applying for Approval

The application Form AW-281 for approval in accordance with OTAR Part 39 should be submitted electronically using the link provided below. Once you have clicked on this link the form AW-281 can be found by clicking the 'Signatories' tab on the left. Once you have completed the application and attached any supporting documentation click on the 'submit' button at the top left of the application to submit electronically.

Once the application is submitted, a representative from the BCAA airworthiness section will contact the applicant by email 1-5 business days later to notify of the application status, and provide information on the approval process.

Applications can be made here

In order to pay the applicable fees an applicant must request an invoice by sending an invoice request directly to the BCAA finance department. Visit the Fee Payment page for more information and to find the related forms.

Required Attachments

OTAR 39 Subpart E (Option 1) Applications:

  • Continuing Airworthiness Management Exposition (CAME);
  • Copy of EASA Part M Subpart G Approval Certificate; and
  • Bermuda CAME Supplement.

OTAR 39 Subpart E (Option 2) and Subpart F Applications:

  • Maintenance Control Manual (MCM); and
  • Form AW-282 (MCM Checklist).
List of Current Approvals

Please Note: Addresses made on any application must be the physical address and not a P.O. Box.