Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

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Air Safety Support International (ASSI) publishes the OTARs on behalf of Governor of the Bermuda in support of the Governor’s powers contained in the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order - the AN(OT)O. OTARs provide details of means of compliance with the AN(OT)O which are acceptable to Governor. They describe the way in which aircraft operators, aviation personnel and providers of services can gain approvals and licences, and the process through which these are maintained to ensure adequate levels of safety and internationally-agreed standards are met. They are not intended to supersede or conflict with statutory requirements, and so the obligation to comply with statutory requirements remains.

BCAA may accept an alternative means of compliance, provided that the applicant can show that the level of safety will not be reduced below that intended by the requirement. OTAR Part numbers have been allocated because of industry familiarity with the topics and numbering. They are live requirements and will change over time in response to a variety of factors. This may necessitate re-approval in some cases but, if so, a reasonable period of notification will normally be given.

OTARs are all located on the ASSI website.