The BCAA Operations Department is responsible for the certification and regulatory safety oversight of Air Navigation Services Systems, including the Aerodrome, Air Traffic Control (ATC), Aeronautical Telecommunication Services, Aeronautical Information Systems (AIS), Rescue and Fire-Fighting Services (RFFS) and Meteorological Services.

The United Kingdom is a signatory to the Convention on International Civil Aviation, also known as the Chicago Convention. As an Overseas Territory, Bermuda accepts the same commitments. The UK created the AN(OT)O, as amended, and the more detailed descriptions provided in the OTARs to help its Territorial members to comply with these requirements.

Bermuda Airport

L.F. Wade International Airport (TXKF) is the sole airport serving the island. It has one passenger terminal and one cargo terminal, and can support all aircraft sizes up to and including the Airbus A380. Currently, seven airlines operate seasonal or year-round scheduled services to Bermuda Airport from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The airport is controlled by the Bermuda Airport Authority (BAA) and operated under a lease agreement by Skyport Bermuda Limited. More information on the BAA and Skyport can be found at:



Aerodrome Certification

The aerodrome certificate is a proven and effective way of ensuring safe and efficient aerodrome operations, through a defined process which examines various components of the aerodrome, with an aim to verifying their compliance with International SARP and the associated OTARs.

Aeronautical Information Service

ICAO Annex 15 governs and defines how an aeronautical information service shall receive and/or originate, collate or assemble, edit, format, publish/store and distribute specified aeronautical information/data. The goal is to satisfy the need for uniformity and consistency in the provision of aeronautical information/data that is required for operational use by international civil aviation.

The BCAA is responsible for providing safety oversight of the Aeronautical Information Service provided by the BAA to ensure regulatory compliance with current legislation and regulation including Annex 15 and the associated OTARs.

Air Traffic Services

Bermuda airspace circles 24 nautical miles around the island. En-route approach to the aerodrome is provided by the Federal Aviation Administration from New York Area Air Traffic Control Centre.
Air traffic services, as defined in ICAO Annex 11, aim to prevent collisions between aircraft, whether taxiing on the manoeuvring area, taking off, landing, en-route or in the holding pattern at the destination aerodrome.
Permission to carry out various activities within the Bermuda’s airspace must be obtained from the BCAA prior to carrying out such operations. Some of the activities include, but are not limited to, drone operations, lantern releases, laser and fireworks display.
Oversight of the training and competence of Air Traffic Services personnel is an important aspect of the BCAA role. The Authority issues competent air traffic service personnel with licences and ratings applicable to their job. The educational facility and training the individual receives must be authorised by the Authority. The applicant must satisfy the Governor that certain requirements are met before the licence/certificate of competency is issued.

Air Traffic Engineering

Air Traffic Engineering or Aeronautical Telecommunications Services (ATE/ATS) has technical experts responsible for both ground-to-ground and air-to-ground communications.  This section carries out ongoing maintenance of all radios, navigation aids and other telecommunication equipment used by and in support of the ATC, AIS, as well as some elements of the meteorological function. In addition, there is a Memorandum of Understanding between the US and Bermuda governments where local experts manage and maintain US ATS assets.
The BCAA is responsible for providing safety oversight of the ATS provided by the BAA to ensure regulatory compliance with current legislation and regulation including the AN(OT)O, ICAO Annex 10 and OTARs 171 and 173.

Rescue and Fire-Fighting Services

The Bermuda Rescue Fire Service provides the rescue and fire-fighting services for the aerodrome and terminal. Approval from the BCAA is required for the RFFS operating manual and any changes made to that document. The BCAA carries out site specific checklists and conducts safety oversight assessments for this service.

Meteorological Services

The Bermuda Weather Service provides the aviation meteorological service to support the safety, regularity and efficiency of international air navigation through timely and accurate weather information.  
The BCAA provides the Bermuda Weather Service with safety oversight to ensure regulatory compliance with current legislation and regulation including Annex 3 and the associated OTARs.