Mandatory Occurrence Reporting

AN(OT)O 2013, Article 174, require holders of certificates, licences or approvals to report occurrences of incidents or malfunctions which endanger or which if not corrected would endanger an aircraft or person. Note: Bird strike occurrences are to be reported to Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority (BCAA) only if they occur within the territory of Bermuda.

OTAC 13-1, Schedule C provides detailed guidance on what should be reported by service providers/operators. Of note it states: "The primary objective of occurrence reporting is to monitor, disseminate and record for analysis, critical or potentially critical safety occurrences. It is not intended to collect and monitor the normal flow of day-to-day defects/incidents etc." Attached for your ease of reference is OTAC 13 -1.

OTAC13-1 Occurrence Reporting

BCAA has developed an Aircraft Occurrence Report Form which should be utilized for reporting occurrences. These reports should be sent to where they will be distributed as required within BCAA. An operator may utilize their own form as long as it includes the information outlined in the BCAA form.

Mandatory Occurrence Report (MORs) Form