11 April, 2016

HKCAD RNP1 LOA Requirement (effective 04 April, 2016)

Please note the RNP1 requirement for Hong Kong FIR. All BCAA aircraft that operate within this FIR will need to have their Airspace approvals reflect this fact.

URGENT:  Effective 4 April 2016

HKCAD (Hong Kong Civil Aviation Department) is now enforcing a November 2015, requirement that Operators possess State Authorization (LOA or Ops Spec) to exercise RNP1 within the Hong Kong FIR (VHHH), the whole of which is RNP1. 

"PRNAV authorizations", for now, will not be acceptable means of compliance for RNP1. 

Should you require RNP1 Approval and your BCAA Airspace Approval not reflect this, kindly contact the BCAA Flight Operations Department.