What makes a flight a “Ferry Flight”?

There are many various reasons why a flight is determined to be a Ferry Flight, but nearly always the persons on board are limited to the operating crew and any required task specialists.

What are typical examples of such types of flights?

Some examples are, but not limited to:

  • An aircraft being delivered to a new operator from an existing operator or OEM,
  • An aircraft with an expired or invalid Certificate of Airworthiness being flown to a repair facility for necessary maintenance (this type of flight will require a “Permit to Fly” granted by BCAA Airworthiness),
  • An aircraft flown to a new owner after being sold and before de-registration,
  • An airworthy aircraft being flown by an operator to/and from a repair station with respect to maintenance requirements,
  • An aircraft being flown to a storage facility for placement on the storage register of aircraft,
  • A former ICAO Article 83bis aircraft which has been withdrawn from the Operator’s AOC being flown to another entity (operator, repair station, storage etc.),
  • An aircraft being flown due to repossession by leasing company.

What category of flight is a Ferry Flight?

Even if the operator holds an AOC or Air Carrier Certificate, all ferry flights are classed as ‘private’ flights operating `as International General Aviation.

Can I carry passengers or a potential buyer on a Ferry Flight?

No, only the operating crew and essential task specialists are permitted.

What compliance regulations are relevant to Ferry Flights?

The means of compliance are the current AN(OT)O and Operations OTARs 91 and 125.  This means the operator of the Ferry Flight is required to be approved by the BCAA in accordance with Article 134 of the AN(OT)O.  It would be helpful if the following Articles from the AN(OT)O 2013 are considered:

  • 37. Minimum Equipment Requirements
  • 89. Minimum Area Navigation Performance
  • 91. Minimum Navigation Performance (MNPS)
  • 92. Height Keeping Performance – aircraft registered in the Territory
  • 132. Application and Interpretation of Part IX
  • 133. Requirement for Approval
  • 134. Issue of Approval.

Where can I find the appropriate legislation and means of compliance?

The AN(OT)O and OTARS can be found at:

Who can act as pilot(s) for Ferry Flights?

Any type rated and current pilot who has been engaged by the ferry operator, who then successfully has his/her licence validated by the BCAA.

Can a Flight Crew recruitment agency act as a Ferry Operator?

Yes, providing that they become approved as an operator by the BCAA.

How do they, or any other entity, become approved?

Firstly, by contacting BCAA Operations section.  To achieve approval the following items will have to be satisfied:

  • Produce an Operations Manual and SOPs,
  • Establish a SMS and Quality system,
  • Have an Operational Control system and flight following capability?
  • Establish procedures for document control, fatigue management and crew training requirements.
  • Undergo a compliance safety audit by the BCAA.

How do I ferry an aircraft without a valid Certificate of Airworthiness?

A Special Flight Permit may be issued to operate a Bermuda registered aircraft where the Certificate of Airworthiness is no longer in force. To apply for a Special Flight Permit, the Bermuda approved Continued Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) should submit a an application (Special Flight Permit Application – AW-201(p)) along with any supporting documentation to the BCAA Principal Airworthiness Inspector or to airworthiness@bcaa.bm. Further information can be found at: https://www.bcaa.bm/permits-fly

How do I ferry an aircraft which has unserviceable items to a repair station?

Unserviceable items which are capable of being accepted in accordance with the relevant Master MEL or bespoke MEL are permitted, providing the appropriate (M) and (O) procedures are followed.  If unserviceable items are not able to be accepted as deferred defects, then the Operator must apply for a Special Flight Permit on a Special Flight Permit Application – AW-201(p) to their BCAA Principal Airworthiness Inspector directly or to airworthiness@bcaa.bm.

What documents are required to be carried on a ferry flight?

The following documents are to be carried on a ferry flight:

  • A valid Certificate of Airworthiness or Special Permit to Fly,
  • Flight crew licences and Bermuda Certificate of Validation,
  • Aircraft radio licence,
  • Aircraft noise certificate,
  • Copies of Airspace approval and MEL/MMEL permission,
  • Any additional authorisation granted by the BCAA.

Does the BCAA have a list of Ferry Operators that they can share?

As of 24th January 2024, the following Operators hold BCAA approval to ferry Bermuda registered aircraft:

Six West (matthew.gee@sixwest.ie)

Spire Flight Solutions (GCaffrey@spireflight.com)

Super Universal (simon@superu.aero)

Move Aircraft Flight Solutions (nabeel@move.flights)

Focus Aero ApS (adb@focus.aero)

Southern Cross International (b.smael@sxi.aero

Astro Jet (info@flyastrojet.com) 

Spectrum Aviation Services (shane@spectrumaviation.aero)

Updated information on approved operators can always be obtained by contacting BCAA Operations (flightops@bcaa.bm)