04 November, 2016

Amendment of the Bermuda Advisory Circular on Parts Robbery

The Bermuda Advisory Circular (BAC) titled 'Installed Aircraft Parts Removed to Service Another Aircraft (Parts Robbery)' has been amended.  Click here to view the latest BAC.

Details of the amendment include:

  • Additional guidance was added in Section 2 to make it more clear when the BAC is applicable.
  • Removal of the requirement in Section 4 that the 'donor' and 'recipient' aircraft must be in the same operator's fleet. 
  • Additional requirements were added in Section 5.2 for the transit and storage of parts when removed and not installed directly to the recipient aircraft.
  • Removal of 'Part Two' of the Bermuda Serviceable Release template in Appendix A regarding the installation of a part.  A CRS will be issued by the Maintenance Organisation in accordance with OTAR 43 requirements.