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Air Traffic Control Licensing

Application for an Air Traffic Controller or Student Air Traffic Controller Licence or Rating

The issue of an Air Traffic Controller or Student Air Traffic Controller licence or rating is in accordance with the provisions of the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, for the time being in force, and with the standard set out in paragraph 4.4. of Annex 1 (Personnel Licencing) to the Convention on International Civil Aviation and is effected by the Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority for the purpose of operating Air Traffic Control services at the L.F. Wade International Airport.

As the BCAA is not resourced to fulfill the medical oversight requirements of Annex 1, a Deviation to OTAR 67 (Medical Standards and Approval of Medical Examiners) has been issued, whereby the BCAA will validate Class II Medical Certificates issued by the FAA of United States of America. 

Renewal of FAA Class II medicals must be advised to the BCAA on completion of the medical examination and a certified copy of the certificate sent to BCAA Licencing. Alternatively, the licence holder may present the certificate to the BCAA for copying and certifying. Failure to pass the medical is to be notified to the BCAA as soon as possible (Article 147 of the AN(OT)O 2013 refers).

Application Requirements

To be granted an ATCO or a Student ATCO licence or rating, please complete and submit the appropriate application form together with the required supporting documents outlined in the form to

Processing time

An ATCO Licence will be issued as soon as possible following receipt of the application providing the information provided by the applicant is complete and correct. Note that this process may take up to five working days.

Further reading

What happens next?

  • A Licensing Officer will assess your application.
  • After checking that the application is in order, it will be processed and the licence issued and sent to the correspondence address.
  • We will contact you if we have any queries regarding your application and may keep your application on hold whilst awaiting any additional documentation to be submitted.

Application for the Issue of an Air Traffic Controller Licence/Rating

Application for the Issue of a Student Air Traffic Controller’s Licence  

Application for the Issue of a Medical Certificate of Validation