Bermuda Civil Aviation Authority

Global Conflict Zone Information

​​Advisory - Conflict Zone Information Repository

Under the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago Convention), States and States alone maintain sovereign authority over their airspace. This authority carries with it the responsibility to issue risk advisories regarding any threats to the safety of civilian aircraft operating in their airspace. Said threats may include, but are not limited to, armed conflicts, ash clouds due to volcanic eruptions, missile tests and rocket launches, etc.

States also have authority to close their airspace where certain safety threats may warrant that action. Aircraft operators are responsible for assessing global airspace risks communicated by States, and/or third parties, before deciding where they fly.

Under this international framework, ICAO does not possess the authority to over-ride sovereign States in order to close their airspace or reroute airline traffic. With respect to conflict zone risk specifically, recommendations to assist States and airlines with a more effective means of sharing risk information an online risk information repository has been established.

The Conflict Zone Information Repository can be found on the ICAO public website main page The purpose of this site is to compile in a centralized and recognized location certain information promulgated by States regarding risks to civil aircraft arising from conflict zones. This site may be used in conjunction with other information sources and is not to be considered as a sole source of information for undertaking risk assessments related to conflict zones. The information on this site is restricted to submissions from ICAO authorized users based on publicly available sources.